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Dagboek van Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Onna woog op het moment van schrijven 61.30 kg (bmi: 20.02).

Yay, managed to cut out unhealthy drinks. Now to keep this going... All my friends think I'm acting weird, since they're not used to me drinking water. However, the discovery of mint tea made it quite bearable. Lovely little drink, it is !
My next step is to combat my love for desserts (or is it merely a habit?). I eat sweets all day: that has to change. Ah, baby steps, but better than standing still.

Last monday I tried to do push-ups... eh, total failure. I didn't even manage to do a single one. I have no particular reason to exercize this except for "would be cool if I could do it". But if that motivation works, why should I not try ?

Deze pagina is al meer dan vier weken geleden aangemaakt.

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